Perfect Pout

I had to post this negative of my niece Avery. She just had her three month pictures taken and the photography caught a perfect pouty face. She melts my heart.


Update and remodel

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted. There has definitely been a lot going on in our lives lately. We are doing pretty good right now. I have been soooo busy since school has started and Kris has been busy with work. I love my new class they are all so sweet. I am having to remind myself that my kidos are all new at this kindergarten thing. By the end of kindergarten they have come soooo far and do so much on their own. It is really more of an adjustment for me than it is them. Kris and I have also been playing a lot of golf, I am liking it more and more every time I play especially since I am getting better.
We have been demolitioning our house for a long time and are now finally getting to remodel. Right now we are doing our bedroom, bathroom and dining room. In the bathroom we have painted it and now the tile is being laid on the floor, shower and around the bath. In the bedroom we have painted it and are getting new carpet. In the dining room and entry we painted and are having wood floors put in. We are very excited about it all but most excited about getting our bedroom back. We are getting tired of the mess and sleeping in the guest bedroom. Here are some pics so far. I will post more later.