We are having.......................

TWO little GIRLS!!!!!! My heart sings with joy, I could not be more happy with what God is blessing us with. The bond between sisters is amazing. I get to experience it with my sister and now I will have daughters that get to do the same. Kris was nervous but is very excited and will be the best daddy two little girls could ask for.

We had our sonogram in the morning with a Perintoligst in Austin. When they did leg shots we turned our head and then had to wait all day long to find out what we were having. I had the sonographer call the bakery that I had made pre arrangements with to let them know what color to make in icing inside. We wanted to find out with our family so Kris's parents, my parents, my sister and niece Avery all came over to cut into the cakes with us. When I showed up to my house one of my best friends, Brittany, even drove down from Dallas to surprise me. We also got Kris's sister and our nephew Bradley on skype since they live so far away. We cut into Baby A cake first and we found pink icing, the emotions kicked in and I was in tears. Then we cut into Baby B cake and we saw more pink. I could not be more thrilled.

That morning at the songram they went over all of both babies organs and took all their measurements. They both looked healthy, praise the Lord!!!! I was so nervous before the appointment. For some reason I worry about the worst.

Baby A

Is our one that appears to be laid back.She is on the bottom. I feel her move around but not as quite as much as baby B. She was measuring 19 weeks and 3 days and weighs 10oz. I already love her so much!

Baby B

She is on the top. She is the one that is full of energy. Not only do I feel her all the time the sonographer even said that she was very hyper during the sonogram. She was measuring 19 weeks and 5 days and weighed 11 oz. I love her so much too!