5 years

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On this day five years ago I married my best friend. Marriage has been a growing experience for us both. It has been really hard at times but all the good times and good things that have come from those trials are irreplaceable. We would not be who we are today if it weren't for each other. I love you more than you could imagine. I can't wait to share the rest of my life with you.


Celebrating 60 years of wonderful

The whole Tooley family went on a Caribbean Cruise to help celebrate Pa and Mom Tom 60th wedding anniversary. What an inspiration for Kris and I to look up to. When we asked what it took to be happily married for 60 years they told us that God must be present in your marriage and you must learn to be unselfish.


The sunset on the first night.

This was are first full day at sea. We ate, played games, went to the kiddie pool and play room with Bradley, ate, played more games and ate some more. I did work out on the treadmill by the way to help with the high calorie intake.
The Brad Tooley family:


Brad, Keith & Pa

Brad & Pa

Brad & Kristie

Megan & Sarah



This was the second full day at sea. We ate, played games, went to the kiddie pool and play room with Bradley, ate, played more games and ate some more. I did work out. Oh we also played Black Jack in the casino, I won enough to pay for an excursion then stopped.

This particular night the whole family went after dinner and had karaoke night. We had so much fun. It is always fun getting to see people who sing good or terrible . I think it is more fun to watch when people sing terrible.

Kris and the man he admired soooo much "VACATION"

Brooks & Hunter

7-1-2009 Jamaica

Our first stop was Jamaica and in since there was 17 different people with a lot of different interest we all broke up some what. Kris went golfing at the White Witch golf course. A big group went rafting. Shanna, Bradley and I went shopping and then went to hang out at the beach.


The next stop was the Grand Cayman, it was absolutely beautiful their. This day everyone went out the beach and snorkeled and played in the water. Kristie and I went to go try and swim with the dolphins but it did not work out so we ended up going snorkeling. While we where snorkeling we got a little far out and ran into a nurse shark. We were a tad bit freaked out but learned that it is not an aggressive shark. I seriously almost had a panic attack and was afraid I would run out of energy before I got to land.

This is a picture of what we saw.


The last stop was Cozumel, Mexico. The water was so pretty. Before the trip was over Kristie and I were going to swim with dolphins so we did and it was a wonderful experience. I would do it again, dolphins are amazing mammals. Kris, Brad, Shanna and Bradley watched us and took pictures. Kristie and I were so excited the dolphin trainers had to repeat our names more than a couple of times because we were not following directions. We were going to make sure we got as close to the dolphins at all times. After our swim with the dolphins we went to eat Mexican food and then to the beach and snorkeled. On our way back to the ship we did a little shopping.

We got back on the ship in time to get ready and go to dinner.

That last day on the ship it to be continued.