Christmas Day

Christmas day was truly amazing!!! I got to open the first present and I got the present that I have long been dreaming of. I got a Canon 50D, that’s right one awesome camera. I do have a lot to learn. I have been playing with it non stop. We all opened our presents and then had a wonderful breakfast. Every year at Christmas we do a blessing jar. My mother-in-law gets blank paper and we write down all the things we are thankful for for the past year and put them in a jar. Then we take turns around the table and draw one out to read them. This year we did something a little bit different. We had a separate piece of paper that we wrote one gift we would give to God for the year and on the other side we wrote one prayer we would like to have answered for the year. We then took turns reading our own and then all prayed over each person. It was so amazing. I will remember that moment forever and am so glad we added on to our tradition. The rest of the day we played lots of dominoes and just enjoyed each other. Oh and had a wonderful Christmas Day dinner.

Seattle, Washington

Next we flew to Seattle, Washington for a week to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Sean, Shanna and baby Bradley. Kris's sister actually lives in Oak Harbor, WA, which is on Whidbey Island and is about 2 hours away from Seattle. So the first night we got to Seattle we stayed in a beautiful hotel downtown and went to an awesome seafood restaurant so I could get some yummy oysters while they are in season. Oh by the way, Seattle got record snowfalls when we got in and it hardly ever snows there so the roads were very dangerous. I feel like as I have gotten older that Christmas just doesn’t seem like Christmas anymore. I have to admit that the surroundings made it feel like Christmas. The next day we spent the whole day in Seattle walking around downtown. We walked everywhere because for one it is a city and it easier to walk in a city and for two we experienced enough fear the night before in the icy conditions that we felt safer on foot. We went to Pike's and a bunch of fun stores. Seattle is one of the coolest cities I am so thankful that I got to spend Christmas there.

Christmas in so many places

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Kris and I had Christmas with his side of the family this year in three different places. We started out in Lockney, TX at Granny Andy and Granddad's house. We played lots of dominoes, opened gifts, ate lots of food and were entertained by Kris's little cousins. I also learned how to play 88 and I love it.

I also drew faces on Kris's cousins chins.


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This is a picture of little Avery in her pumpkin costume. I went to see her before Halloween and got her dressed up to take some pictures. In this picture she wasn't able to sit up so I had to lean her against the pumpkin.


Late Thanksgiving post

This year we had Thanksgiving with my side of the family and we will have Christmas with Kris's side. For Thanksgiving we went south to my grandma's house. It was so nice to see all my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It reminds me of old times and oh how I loved them, don't get me wrong I love life now as well. I also got to hang out with my sister and my beautiful little niece. Here are a couple of pics from Thanksgiving.