Smooth Start and Early Blessings!

At the end of last week the pharmacy called to set up shipping for all of my medicines and to collect payment. Our insurance does not cover anything that has to do with infertility so the medicines along with all the procedures are very costly. They still turn it in to insurance because sometimes there are smaller medicines such a pain killers that they will cover. So they called to confirm my address and then told me my total. I was in shock, my insurance covered all of my medicine I just had to pay the copayments. I have been praying and asking God that if this is a part of his will for us to show me by making the whole process easy. I automaticly knew that this was from God. I am not for sure of what the outcome of our in vitro will be or of his plans but I have a peace no matter what. I know that God is with us through this whole process.

Monday we went for our pre Lupron sonogram. They check to make sure that I don't have any cyst on my ovaries before I start taking my Lupron shots. I was CLEAR!!!!! Last time I had one and had to wait two weeks before I could start. I am now on day two of the Lupron shots. My next appointment is next Wednesday, they will do a sonogram to see if I look ok to start my Gonal F shots. Those shots will are the stimulants that get my eggs ready. This week my prayer request would be that God continues to fill us with peace and that everything would be clear for me to start my next set of shots.


Hello Again!

It has been a while that I have posted anything but I have been so busy. I am planning to to start blogging again for a couple of reasons. One reason is we are about to start major remodeling at our house and I am sooooo excited, can't wait to share the progress of it. Another reason it to share my journey of infertility. It will be great therapy for me, a way to keep friends informed of our journey and what specific prayers we might need and I never know who might visit my blog that I can minister to.
We are in the beginning of our second round of In Vitro, YEAH!!! We tried our first one last summer and it ended in a miscarriage. I was very sad that it ended that way because we had prayed sooo hard for a baby. At the same time I was so excited to know that I could get pregnant and to see a positive pregnancy test. After years of negative pregnancy test it was great to see positive. I wanted to buy a whole bunch just to see positive after positive but Kris thought the handful I took where enough.
Last summer I had surgery to remove uterine polyps and endometriosis. I had an HSG which is a dye test to make sure nothing has come back that would be in the way of a baby. The results came back clear. I have a pre lupron sonogram on Monday. If I don't have any ovarian cyst then I will be able to start the first round of shots on Monday. So this would be my first prayer request. Last time I had one and had to wait two weeks before I started. I will hopefully have good news on Monday.