Fun at the Zoo

My Cousins, sister, brother-in-law and niece came in last weekend so we decided to have a fun day at the zoo. Waco has a beautiful zoo.


I am sure that photo shop is easier for some, but it took me a little bit to be able to do this. I am pumped!


A Panhandle trip/ Birthday Celebration

It was Tuesday of my spring break and Kris asked me if I would like to hop in the car and make a trip to Lubbock the next day. I just love last minute trips; there are no plans or expectations so usually you just have tons of fun. So we went to Lubbock on Wednesday night and met up with Kris's parents. We stayed in a hotel for 2 days so Kris and his dad could go to a Zig Zigglar conference and do some work. Kris's mom and I got to go shopping for to days. We had so much fun together.

On Friday on our way to Canyon it snowed. The snow was absolutely beautiful and I didn't get any pictures of it. Saturday we woke up an celebrated Kris's birthday. We had a lunch and Mom Tom and Pa, Wendy and Kent, Robby and Audrey and Gabe, Kim and the kids came over to Kris's parents house to help celebrate. On Saturday I went to church with Brad and Kristie to my favorite church. It turned out to me a great trip.


Happy Birthday, Kris!

I would like to wish a Happy 29th Birthday to the most important man in my life. Kris, thank you for being an amazing husband and a best friend. I love every moment we get to spend together. Happy Birthday!


Precious time with my niece

This week is spring break for me, yippee!! I do miss all my kiddos but I needed a break. My sister let me keep my niece, Avery, for a couple of days since I was off. I think my sister was missing her baby girl A LOT because she called a little more than she usually does. So any ways, I went to pick her up from Austin on Sunday so I could also go to my best friends little girl, Ava's, birthday party. She turned 3 and had such a sweet birthday party with a petting zoo and a clown.

After the Birthday party we went to my sister house to pack up my car to leave. Don't get me wrong I was sooooo excited about taking Avery with me but I was also nervous. I knew my sister was nervous, not because I wouldn't take good care of her, but more because she has never been away from, Avery, overnight. I can't stand to see my sister upset or even know that she is so that was a little why I was nervous. I also felt an unbelievable amount of responsibility, it was honestly overwhelming. So Avery and I drove away from the house as my sister stood out in the front yard all teared up. If I see her cry then I automatically do. I had to get over it fast because I was driving and I had to be able to see straight. I think I drove the safest I have ever driven since I first began to drive. We got to my house and Kris had gotten us take out so I didn't have to worry about cooking. I feed Avery while I ate as well. Then we played for a while and then I gave her a bath and then put her down for bed. On Monday, the first morning she woke up at about 7:15. I went to make her a bottle and then Kris feed her while I made him and I coffee. After her bottle she played in bed with us. I let her play with my cell phone which she loves and the newspaper.
We got up and got ready for the day because I had to be somewhere to be at 9 to take care of some business. After running a couple of errands we came home ate and then Avery took a nap. I knew I had only so long to get some laundry done so I jumped into gear before she woke up. After she woke up from her nap she ate and then it was dress up time. Yep, I played dress up and took pictures. I just LOVE to do that. She only liked it for so long and then she was done.

When Avery got tired of being in dress up clothes and posing for me I put her back in her regular clothes and we played. I also had two friends stop by to see her.

When Kris got home from work we went to eat at Chile's. One thing I wanted to do while I had her was to go out to eat with her. At her age I know it can be challenging but it was worth it. Kris and I would love to have children and know that one day God will bless us. When we go to restaurants or out to eat I always see families and I just wanted to see what that felt like. I know that sounds weird but I just can't help it. It was great of course.

After eating we got home and Miss. Avery got a bath.
After her bath we played for a little bit then she had her last bottle and she was out.

Well Kris and I were awake around 7 and we were drinking coffee and Avery was not making a sound. We waited and waited and between both of us we checked several times to make sure she was okay. She did not wake up until 8:00 am. I was glad to see her awake.

Since it was my last day with her I did not want to waist any time, I wanted to play with her as much as I could before I met up with Brandi and Kevin to give her back. We got up ate and got ready then we walked to the park and played. She loved it. Miss. Avery is definitely a social butterfly. She heard all the other little kids voices and saw them playing and she started to get soooo excited and yell and babble. It was really just so much fun to see her like that.