36 weeks and looooooong over due!

36 Weeks

This week I am getting very anxious and extremely uncomfortable. I can not wait to meet the girls but I do want them to be safe when they get here. I went this morning to the doctor and he said that I was 80% effaced, 2 c dilated and that Adelaide's head is negative 3 station. Unfortunately this does not tell me when they will make their arrival. The Doctor thinks that they are weighing anywhere from 5 to 5 1/2 pounds .My prayer is this week and that God will make sure they are healthy to come. My doctor said that he w ill induce me once I get to 38 weeks. I just can't imagine going that long. Since Adelaide is head down we will attempt to deliver them vaginally. Grace is breached in her own little corner with not very much room. My sleep has been terrible, I get up 3 to 6 times every night. This last week I have been having some braxton hicks but not anything that could turn anything into labor. Although last Friday I did have contractions that were pretty intense from about 6 pm to 3am and anywhere from 7 to 8 minutes apart, they eventually died down. Kris and I just knew that we were going to go in but we didn't.

35 Weeks
75 % effaced 1.5 c dilated

34 weeks
75% effaced 1c dilated

33 weeks (no picture)
50 % effaced, no dilation

32 weeks

31 weeks

30 weeks

29 weeks

27 weeks

26 weeks

25 weeks

24 weeks


The Aderholt's said...

Adelaide and Grace we are SO ready to meet you sweet baby dolls! I will however say, if you pick this week, it will be a cold one, so stay snuggled up for one more week! ;)

Schromom said...

Yikes! Who knew skin could stretch like that! Ha! Praying that all goes well with the Tooley two and you'll be holding them in your arms really soon....rest up girl!